Selected Photo’s and Memories of Some of Burma’s Pro-Democracy Advocates

9 Nov

Selected Photo’s and Memories of Some of Burma’s Pro-Democracy Advocates

Here Su Kyi said something to me and had a good joke and laugh after she was told I didn’t understand Burmese very well. 
Ko Bo, here as a young Botany student, was the leader of the first group of students to protest the currency changes in 1987. He became a leader in the protest movement until his first arrest in early in 1988. He was released and rearrested and in prison for over 14 years of is life. 
Downtown Rangoon in 2012 with Bo Bo, Zin Mar Aung, Myo Aung Htwe 
 Khine Thurein reading news at the AC teashop

 Always happy to meet a Red Sox fan in Burma, 2009 near Sagaing

With Su Kyi, Zynny and Su, 2010
 Professional fixer, former student, colleague and friend, Khine Thurein, meeting Ko Htwe Kywe in January 2012
 Khin always getting the good shots 

 The CISC led Citizenship Awareness Training at the American Center, Rangoon, Burma, Summer, 2011. 
The awarding certificate
  With Open Window Journal editor Khin San Tint and Royhinga Human Rights Advocate, Wai Wai Nu at the Yangon School of Political Science 
 The CISC “convention” on June 19, 2011 

A CISC sponsored donation and caring visit to a home for elderly in 2010

 With brothers Myat Thu here…
… and Myat Ko
 Su Kyi having fun with her young supporters May 2011
 At the first post-release 88 Generation Press Conferance 
More members of the “88 Generation” 

 At the first Amnesty Art Festival n Rangoon, 2012
Kyaw Htwe
 With my dad, Eddy and 88 Generation leader still in exile, Aung Myo Tint
 With colleague and partner Khin in January, 2012
 A nice shot of the brave and resourceful fixer, Khine Thurein in January, 2012
 The “Electricity Protest” in Rangoon
Back home for a month enjoying some local food in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, 2011
In 2008 with a group of English teachers in Mandalay. I brought in a copy of “Living Silence” by Christina Fink. The teachers had never heard of it. Within days there were lot’s of copies with a plain white cover and fake Burmese titling to disguise its contents making their way hand to hand around Mandalay.   
The Lady in November, 2010 with her previous 
Economic Advisor at his home.  
The key members of the Cultural Impact Studies Club meeting with Su Kyi shortly after her release.
Mother and daughter during an interview. They were arrested within days of each other. The daughter for reading illegal poetry and her Mother for having a banned book in her home. Both served over 8 years in prison.
Su Kyi speaking at the Birthday Party of Min Ko Naing at Ashoka Monastery months prior to MKN’s  
 Peaceful revolutionaries 
 Zarganar’s first public appearance after his release was at the Birthday party for Min Ko Naing. I doubt he had a chance to enjoy his lunch
 With Ko Nei and CISC at Hwlager Park, 2011
 With the charismatic and thoughtful Myo Aung Htwe, a founding member of CISC and Yangon School of Political Science 
 Peaceful and content while waiting on The Lady, 2010
 Sit Maw and Myo Aung Htwe showing respects for Mother
 Myat Ko showing respect for Mother
 December 2010
 A nice photo of Su Kyi relaxed and enjoying her young admirer
 A few of my “scholarship” students, San Aung, Ruby, Samuel and Zynny, at the American Center 2010  
 A glimpse of some of the prison art on display at the Art of Witness event we hosted at the 
American Center in 2010
 Meeting Su Kyi with CISC in May, 2011
With Khine, his friend and Htwe Kywe, January, 2012
 One of my Leadership in Democracy classes at the American Center in 2011
 CISC members Sarah, Myo Aung Htwe and Myat Ko downtown in Rangoon, 2012
 The beginning of a student protest inside of the Rangoon American Center, 2012
Human Rights Defenders and Promoters
Myat Thu making a donation in a Kachin state IDP area

The Second Generation CISC group on Martyr’s Day 2013

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