Kachin Thanksgiving at the American Center 2010

20 Nov

Kachin Thanksgiving at the American Center 2010

The Kachin students threw a wild party at the American Center complete with traditional Kachin food and Kachin wine. The food was delicious. And the Kachin homemade wine? It was on the sweet side but steady so it went down fast and loosened everyone up as we all did some winding marching dancing jumping falling weirding and laughing the whole way. The night was sweltering due to the extended heat wave and drought. We poured a lot of water over anyone and everyone but drank the wine. The entire city was its usual pitch dark due to continuous electricity outage and the dark added to the fun.
IZ, The Kachin leader of the party.
Winding around


Some impromptu ritualization occurred


One of the faculty, Ethan, having a blast


Swords appeared from somewhere


Kachin students singing traditional songs




More fun


It was a long,long evening of dancing


Yeah, this is the Kachin wine


Just getting started


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