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Yangon Again: Like It Is, Like It Was, Eulogy I & II, And Anwar Sadat by Daniel Opacki

Like It Is In 2019 I returned to Yangon and found the city in on the ASEAN hustle. China is coming and planned projects to expand Yangon are massive. But will they get made? After decades of abuse, corruption, and neglect, the wheels of change do turn but it may be a while before Yangon…
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Twenty-Nine Years: Remembering 8.8.88 by Daniel Opacki

Twenty-nine years later, in memory of August 8, 1988. At 11 PM on August 8, 2017, Burma’s 88 Generation student leaders, who where mostly high school or university students in 1988, gathered with family and friends before Yangon’s City Hall. Poets, artists, and musicians made speeches, read poetry, and sang songs of rebellion and unity….
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Antique grass and weed cutter in Yangon by Daniel Opacki

Walking from the Ministry of Education’s National English Language Center at Yangon University, I marveled at this old contraption a caretaker was pushing over the lawn of the Judson Baptist Church. A caretaker at Judson Baptist Church with an ancient lawnmower – very cool.   It’s perfect…
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Perspective Connecting Vietnam War Era With The Present by Daniel Opacki

My Vietnam War, 50 Years Later

Author John Grant, a Vietnam War era veteran offers his reflections on his life during the Vietnam War. It’s rare an American writer references the Tale of Kieu, a narrative poem I read during my youth. I believed one day I’d also be going to Vietnam.
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Children in Burma (1) by Daniel Opacki

One of the most enjoyable aspects to traveling in Burma, now Myanmar, is crossing paths with children eager to try their English. Some are just curious and wish to try out a “Hello!”  Sometimes after hearing my “Hello” they would giggle or laugh and run off or at times the real chatty ones wish to…
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