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Twenty-Nine Years: Remembering 8.8.88

by Daniel Opacki   Twenty-nine years later, in memory of August 8, 1988. At 11 PM on August 8, 2017, Burma’s 88 Generation student leaders, who where mostly high school or university students in 1988, gathered with family and friends before Yangon’s City Hall. Poets, artists, and musicians made speeches, read poetry, and sang songs…
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Perspective Connecting Vietnam War Era With The Present

My Vietnam War, 50 Years Later

Author John Grant, a Vietnam War era veteran offers his reflections on his life during the Vietnam War. It’s rare an American writer references the Tale of Kieu, a narrative poem I read during my youth. I believed one day I’d also be going to Vietnam during the war.  This is an important story and Grant sagely ends his article with a poignant assessment of modern American society and politics.
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Part III: A Case of Human Trafficking in Myanmar

by Daniel Opacki What a restless and sleepless night one can have knowing that a loved person in their life has been taken by a stranger. My partner’s sister was up at 3:00 AM and went for a walk around the neighborhood where Thin Thin disappeared. None of us slept much. We had less than…
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