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The Grim Reality of a Nice Day in Rangoon

by Daniel Opacki Leaving work early on weekday afternoon’s anywhere in the world is a welcoming turn. In Rangoon during January, the weather, air cool enough to notice but tropically warm to my skin, which is more accustomed to single digits this time of year, is the most pleasant I have breathed in months. With…
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The Night Was Washed By Moonlight

Outside the smallest gloomy rooms towns, harbours, trees, everything you can see in the blurish night was washed by the yellow moonlight in peace and silence. Our bodies were not washed by even the drops of moonlight. Is the air dead and gone? We who are in cells know about losing moonlight and fresh air…
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No Time Like the Past

Every morning when I awake in Burma I’m reminded of my childhood. A train whistle used to blow in the distance across the river as I lay in bed late at night. Sometimes it would wake me and I’d fall comfortably to sleep in seconds. Other times I would half-waken and sort of dream the…
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