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Selected Photo’s and Memories of Some of Burma’s Pro-Democracy Advocates

  Here Su Kyi said something to me and had a good joke and laugh after she was told I didn’t understand Burmese very well.  Ko Bo, here as a young Botany student, was the leader of the first group of students to protest the currency changes in 1987. He became a leader in the…
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Reflection on my first months in Burma (2008)

This post is from an older blog now closed. The people of Burma love Americans. Everywhere I went, everyone I met; all of the people told me they love Americans. Burma hasn’t changed much in many ways during the past 40 years. In fact, except for a few homes or buildings, it’s difficult to notice any…
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The Mae La Blues

The Mae La Blues Saw and people from World Education in the library where I slept View from the World Ed staff house The bedroom “sweatbox” in the World Ed staff house The Thapae Gate in Chiang Mai     A walkover path in the Mae La camp  


Spring is a time for reawakening. Re-emerging. Renewal. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had a New England winter followed by spring. In early January I remarked to my father that we might have a beautiful and mild winter. He chuckled and told me, “Don’t count on it. When the snow comes, it…
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A pause in time

by Daniel Opacki Writing Creative Non-fiction, or Narrative Non-fiction, is not easy. For some people who occasionally pop in to see this blog hidden away online, you may know I’m writing about my experiences while in Burma. I began writing in a half-hearted more-like fiction narrative that I thought was non-fiction but in fact, I…
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Five hundred days in shackles and fetters in a Burmese prison

by Daniel Opacki In 1987 the Burmese junta devalued Burma’s currency causing a significant disruption in the lives of most Burmese people. Imagine waking up one morning to find out a great deal of your hard cash was worthless. That event instigated a small group of Botany students at Rangoon University to hold protest marches…
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Christmas Eve at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Rangoon 2010

Around the Christmas and New Year holiday season, most schools close for a week or more, and many people use the time for retreats to monasteries, to Golden Rock, the beach or, for expats, trips upcountry or away from Myanmar altogether. Arriving and chatting outside St. Mary’s   Singing “Holy Night” under candlelight The national…
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When Home Feels Like Burma

After quite a long absence from Burma, for a good reason, I’m beginning to wish I were now there. Finally, I’ve returned to Massachusetts for what may be an extended stay. The one good thing about being here, other than personal reasons, is the Internet. It’s pretty damned good compared to Burma and Laos. Time…
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A magical night in Rangoon – January 12, 2012

  by Daniel OpackiOn January 12, 2012, the underground group Burma Prisoners of Conscience held a welcoming party called We Are Flying to Be Free at Sein Le Supi Park at Inya Lake in Rangoon. The now disbanded group comprised of some ex-political prisoners in Rangoon who assisted the families of  XPP’s and eventually newly…
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Opium and the Golden Triangle

The linked article below is a fascinating read about some history behind the opium trade in South East Asia, especially in Burma and Laos. Opium is very cheap to buy and quite easy to find in Upper Burma and very, very easy to get in Laos. Any Tuk Tuk driver in Vientiane will have a…
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