Cana leh

21 Mar

Cana leh

Update to the interviews mentioned below getting posted.  But they will get posted in December, 2014.

Cana leh – please hold on. Something came up and I was away for a while. The final part about   human trafficking story, will be posted soon. So you know, it was a happy ending as the photo’s will show.

After that post, one with video of a man many credit as the person who in 1987, incited the first incident that led to the 1988 Uprising.

Sunrise over the mountains in Mon State

Following, interviews on video from several people who claim the reports of the Burmese soldiers who raped women just before 8.8.88 uprising were fabricated. Instigators admit that the highly esteemed BBC reporter, Christopher Guinness, was intentionally conned into believing the women were raped. Amazing stuff.

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