A pause in time

11 Jan

A pause in time

by Daniel Opacki

Writing Creative Non-fiction, or Narrative Non-fiction, is not easy. For
some people who occasionally pop in to see this blog hidden away online, you
may know I’m writing about my experiences while in Burma. I began writing in a
half-hearted more-like fiction narrative that I thought was non-fiction but in
fact, I was holding my real intentions back rather than letting my own fire,
feelings, and passion take my writing to places its never been. I’ve gone
back to the start and I will begin with unharnessing my reality from
experiences in words and let them live, for better or worse.

(photo) At Bhotataung Pagoda in 2011

I just have a hard time using “I” so often but it’s really necessary, I
believe. In this way, my story will be a memoir and I really believe there’s
quite a lot of conflict to make it jarring and interesting. It’s not a
self-serving ego trippy mushy woeful tale kind of thing I’m after but it has to
be from my heart, deep from inside me and what I really know is the truth as I
experienced it. I think of Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried as
a benchmark – a true great story from a great writer is no less true because
another person involved in it didn’t have the same intellectual experience. The
good thing for me is that I have tons of evidence to support everything. While
I’m not anywhere as crafty a writer as Tim O’Brien, I have been a crafty person
in many ways over the years. I’ll let
that take accounting for some things.

Also, I want to post some really interesting and
revealing video of interviews but in truth, these day’s  as Janis Joplin wails the past glory of great music over the speakers
blowing my mind backward in time, so much is on my real mind and writing and
blogging has had to take second or third place in order of what’s important to
me. This is life. Raw and real, unexpected yet, also as

Khin, Ko Khte Kywe and Me in 2012

So, time moves and  Jimi Hendrix sings Castles Made of Sand now, softly weaving it’s
way over the speakers and I’ll stop and enjoy the ending. 

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